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Updated Requirements For Importing Organic Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

By Pacific Customs Brokers, CFIA Oct 02, 2020

Here is the message from the CFIA on October 2nd, 2020:

“The CFIA has delayed the implementation of the requirement to upload a copy of the organic certificate for imported organic products.
Starting October 5, 2020 AIRS registration type #68 – Organic Certificate format will be updated to a confirmation and the Licence, Permit, Certificate, and Other document(s) (LPCO) will be modified from "Materialized" to "AIRS Registration".

This update applies to organic fresh fruits and vegetables, organic honey and maple products, organic eggs and shell egg products and requires an indication of confirmation (i.e. a declaration of "yes") in the Integrated Import Declaration (IID) system that the importer is in possession of the organic certificate. The certificate number and an uploaded copy of the certificate will not be required as part of the declaration until further notice.

CFIA remains committed to the implementation of this requirement and a new timeline for this initiative will be communicated to industry in the near future.

Please continue to use AIRS to verify the import admissibility requirements for any organic requirements.”

What does this mean for importers?

As the Importer of Record, you will be required to provide and ensure validity of Organic Certification for each of your organic imports. You can do so in any of the following methods:

  1. Stating “Organic Certifications on file and available upon request” on your Confirmation of Sale or Commercial Invoice
  2. Providing PCB with copies of your Organic Certificates on a shipment by shipment basis
  3. Providing PCB with a general statement on letterhead stating “Organic Certifications are on file and available upon request”  which we will add to your account file.
  4. Providing PCB with copies of your organic certifications which we will add to your account file and cross reference with each of your imports. (Additional charges may apply).

As a valued client of PCB, you receive the benefit of our proactive release process which will ensure your imports are declared with the additional requirements listed above:

  1. Upon receipt, our release team ensures all necessary documents/statements that are required for import declaration, are included. 
  2. If they are missing we will reach out to you, your carrier or your vendor to obtain this paperwork (depending on service package, additional fee may apply)
  3. If the required certification cannot be obtained, the declaration cannot be submitted to Customs and your shipment will be delayed.

Please reach out to your account manager with any questions you have about these new requirements at any time by emailing compliance@pcb.ca or calling 604-538-1566. We are here for you always.