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Importing Vehicles into Canada

Flood Damage to your vehicle? Check carfax.com with the VIN of the vehicle.

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Transport Canada

For vehicles manufactured for sale in the United States, we recommend you verify with The Registrar of Motor Vehicles at 888.848.8240 to whether the vehicle is admissible in Canada. For all other vehicles call Transport Canada at 800.333.0371. If you are a dealer in Canada you should contact Transport Canada to be added to the 'pre-approved' list to avoid having to pay the registration fee for each vehicle coming into Canada. Websites: www.riv.ca or www.tc.gc.ca

Before leaving the USA

There are special procedures to follow.

NEW! Effective October 2, 2014, the US Census Bureau has added an export filing requirement on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Automated Export System (AES). AES filing for self-propelled equipment is mandatory. The AES must be filed prior to the 72-hour notice. An EIN or IRS or Duns Number from the seller will be required.

Exception: For vehicles that are purchased, picked up and transported into Canada, the Canadian importer is both the U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) and the Foreign Principal Party in Interest (FPPI) for filing purposes and can report their passport number or NEXUS number assigned by CBP or the seller's address.

AES filing must be handled by a U.S domiciled company. A customs broker, freight forwarder or United States Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) can file the AES declaration. Once the AES is accepted, an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) number will be issued. The ITN number must accompany the request to start the 72-hour export notice with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

AES Filing Services:

For more information or assistance in initiating or completing the AES filing process, contact our vehicle shipping experts today!

Any self-propelled vehicle coming from the U.S. must be reported to U.S. Customs 72 hours prior to export (not including weekends). This includes vehicles that are not licensed for the road such as excavators, bulldozers, golf carts, etc. Failure to do so will result in a $500.00 USD fine by U.S. Customs. The vehicle must also stop at U.S. Customs before it physically crosses into Canada. Copies of the bill of sale and the title (the front and back) must be faxed to U.S. Customs and if no title is required, then a letter from the exporting state's Department of Motor Vehicles stating that no title is required for that type of vehicle must be provided. You also need to have the supplier certify in writing that the sale is a bona fide sale and that the vehicle is not stolen. When the vehicle arrives at the border, it must be reported to U.S. Customs, and the Original Title and Original Bill of Sale must be presented to Customs at that time.

Before Importing Into Canada

Contact the original equipment manufacturer or authorized dealer of your vehicle to obtain a recall clearance letter. You must have this document in order to pass the federal inspection.

Canada Customs

For vehicles being imported from the U.S. (must be registered in the U.S.), there is no age restriction. For vehicles being imported from all other countries, there are restrictions - contact Customs at 800.461.9999 or 613.946.1520 to see if the vehicle is admissible. Also confirm what documentation is required and what value the charges will be assessed against. Website: www.cbsa.gc.ca

Import Charges

  • Duty may apply to the vehicle: 6.1% duty
  • GST will be collected at the time of import: 5%
  • Excise (luxury) Tax applies if there is air conditioning in the vehicle: $100.00 per vehicle
  • Excise (green levy)Tax applies to certain fuel-inefficient vehicles. Amount between $1,000.00 and $4,000.00 may be assessed per vehicle depending on the model and date put into service.
  • PST will be collected at the time of insuring the vehicle. In British Columbia, ICBC will charge 7% PST.
  • HST will be collected if applicable in the province of insurance.
  • RIV fees of $195.00 + applicable taxes are payable to the RIV at time of import.

In order to register your vehicle in Canada, the Importer must pay their RIV fees directly to the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. See below for payment options:

RIV Office: Payable by cheque, money order, credit or debit card

Location Hours
17735 1st Avenue
1st Floor
Surrey, BC V3S 9S1
Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
405 The West Mall, Suite 500
Toronto, ONT M9C 5K7
Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
By Mail: Payable by cheque or money order (Copy of the Form 1 or case# must be included with payment)

The Registrar of Imported Vehicles
405 The West Mall, Suite 500
Toronto, ON M9C 5K7

Online: www.riv.ca (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). Debit card is also available through Interac Online.

Instructions for Online Payments:

After you have imported your vehicle and made your online payment, you must forward a Customs stamped copy of your Form 1 to RIV. You can either fax: 888.346.8235 or email info@riv.com.

Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) also requires “NO Recall” information (not required for trailers) from the original vehicle manufacturer, or a computerized vehicle history report indicating no recall info. RIV will not accept a letter on a dealership letterhead. Forward this information by faxing to 888.642.9899 or email to recall@riv.ca . When forwarding your no recall information, you must quote your Form 1 number RIV. It will take 72 hours to process your Form 2; for inquires regarding your Form 2 or if you wish RIV to fax or email your Form 2 to you, please call 888.848.8240. Press 1, then press 2 and a RIV Representative will answer. Have your case number, which is the same as your Form 1 number. The Form 2, along with the vehicle must now be taken to an approved inspection facility within 45 days of import. Once inspected, your Form 2 will be stamped and the vehicle will be ready for registration. Take your stamped form 2, original bills of sale, original title and customs clearance to get your vehicle insured, pay your HST/PST, and drive away! 



CFIA - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

All used equipment coming from the U.S. requires steam cleaning. Vehicles being imported from a coountry other than the U.S. may require special steam cleaning. Call 800.835.4486 to find out more details. Website: www.inspection.gc.ca