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Canadian Customs Forms

Canada Customs Invoice

The primary form that is legally required for importing goods into Canada. All information must be true, accurate and complete. SAMPLE Canada Customs Invoice Form

Canada Customs Invoice Requirements (CBSA)

This Memorandum explains the customs invoice requirements for commercial goods imported into Canada.

CUSMA / USMCA / T-MEC Certification of Origin

The CUSMA Certificate of Origin is strictly for eligible goods from Canada, the U.S. and/or Mexico and valued over $3,300 CAD. It is used to request a lower duty rate for eligible commercial goods entering Canada under the new North American Free Trade Agreement. If eligible, it's important to note that this program replaces the previous NAFTA. It remains non-mandatory for your imports, and assistance is still highly recommended. If you do not wish to use our template, you may use this guide to providing the required data elements.

Confirmation of Sale

Modified Canada Customs Invoice for use with fruits and vegetable products being imported into Canada. (Updated January 2006)

Pro Forma Invoice

Standard Pro Forma Invoice that can be used for less than $1600 Canadian.

CFIA Import Declaration

Food Products used for Human Consumption

CFIA Attestation Letter and Guidelines

For food imported with an insignificant quantity of meat. This form must be completed on the Canadian importer's letterhead.

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