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Sports & Special Event Industry

Sports & Special Event IndustryAt ABC Customs Brokers, our 55+ years in the business has developed our expertise and systems to serve both large and small events, and will help ensure your items clear entry through customs with a minimum of delays.

Often times, event related items arrive at customs with the following:

  • Incomplete or incorrect shipment manifests
  • Incomplete customs invoice information
  • Insufficient export documentation from the exporting country (example: Form 4455 from the U.S.A.)

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ABC Customs Brokers will work closely with event logistics staff to coordinate the following:

  • Complete shipment manifests accurately
  • Clear understanding of how the goods will enter the country from the Canada Border Services and U.S. Customs and Border Protection perspective:
  • Consumption entry
    • ATA carnet entry for further export
    • Temporary import for pending return to the origin country (Canadian Form E-29B)
    • A 1/60th entry
    • U.S.A. temporary export
    • Cancellation of Canadian Bonds open departure
    • E-15 Form

While simple in its purpose, problems with documentation can cause costly delays, placing special events in jeopardy, by certain shipments or goods not be allowed access into the country.