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Canada Customs Exchange Rates

Aug 21, 2017

Australia, Dollars AUD Australia, Dollars $ 0.99770
Brazil, Brazil Real BRL Brazil, Brazil Real R$ 0.39860
Switzerland, Francs CHF Switzerland, Francs CHF 1.30640
China, Yuan Renminbi CNY China, Yuan Renminbi 元 0.18870
Euro Member Countries, Euro EUR Euro Member Countries, Euro € 1.47870
United Kingdom, Pounds GBP United Kingdom, Pounds £ 1.61970
Hong Kong, Dollars HKD Hong Kong, Dollars HK$ 0.16088
India, Rupees INR India, Rupees Rs 0.01963
Japan, Yen JPY Japan, Yen ¥ 0.01154
South Korea, Won KRW South Korea, Won ₩ 0.00110
Mexico, Pesos MXN Mexico, Pesos $ 0.07072
Malaysia, Ringgits MYR Malaysia, Ringgits RM 0.29340
Norway, Krone NOK Norway, Krone kr 0.15890
New Zealand, Dollars NZD New Zealand, Dollars $ 0.92160
Peru, Nuevos Soles PEN Peru, Nuevos Soles S/. 0.38820
Russia, Rubles RUB Russia, Rubles руб 0.02126
Sweden, Kronor SEK Sweden, Kronor kr 0.15510
Singapore, Dollars SGD Singapore, Dollars $ 0.92320
Thailand, Baht THB Thailand, Baht ฿ 0.03789
Taiwan, New Dollars TWD Taiwan, New Dollars NT$ 0.04151
United States, Dollars USD United States, Dollars $ 1.25860
South Africa, Rand ZAR South Africa, Rand R 0.09546

**Note** These exchange rates are the rates used by the Canada Border Services Agency to determine the value of foreign currencies. This rate is normally between the buy and sell rate used by Banks and is not intended as a guide for personal or business currency exchange.
Exchange rates are posted daily at 9AM Pacific Time.