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Produce Industry

Produce IndustryService failures and delays for produce imports?

Is your company experiencing trouble with importing produce shipments because of:

  • Incomplete or unclear documentation - Confirmation of Sale (COS)
  • Problems with Phytosanitary Certificates
  • Import Permits
  • Consolidated load manifests

Contact Us for Produce Shipments

ABC Customs Brokers will use our over 55 years of focused expertise in the Produce Industry to work with your company to reduce service delays at all border ports, airports and seaports.

The following services can be provided by ABC Customs Brokers, to ensure exceptional customs brokerage services are received:

  • Daily interaction with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to ensure the most up-to-date accuracy of information.
  • Electronic Data Entry (EDI) and software based solutions to reduce data input delays and errors.
  • Educational seminars and workshops to assist you and your staff on understanding Canadian and U.S. Customs rules and regulations. Our facilitators host regularly scheduled seminars for our clients and non-clients. In addition, we offer customized seminars for businesses and their specific needs.
  • Educate suppliers through site-visits, seminar invitations and daily communications.
  • Work with carriers to assist in expediting the customs release process.

ABC Customs Brokers has a vast list of clients involved in the Agriculture Industry which include:

  • Produce growers
  • Produce retailers
  • Produce brokers and wholesalers
  • Organic produce growers and grocers
  • Vendors and suppliers to the Produce Industry
  • Clients which self-carry goods on company owned vehicles
  • Florists & nurserymen

Contact us and allow us to put our own expertise to work for you.