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Construction Industry

Construction IndustryDoes your company import construction supplies and materials?

Importing shipments for the construction industry is often very detailed, due to the fact that components are often manufactured to very detailed specifications. With some special care and attention from your customs broker, you can ensure that all HS Traiffs are applied properly, avoiding unnecessary government fees. ABC Customs Brokers will assist your company in receiving the most favourable duty and tax rates for potentially high payouts. This ever-emerging industry requires trained professionals who are experts in determining accurate Harmonized System Tariff classifications, accurate country of origin information. Often times, companies or suppliers importing equipment or machinery for the Construction industry experience service failures from their customs broker due to:

  • Inaccurate or incomplete assessment of the correct HS Tariff classifications
  • Improper description of items
  • Questions as to the process for re-export of the equipment
  • Incomplete or unclear documentation.

Contact Us for Construction Shipments

ABC Customs Brokers has over 55 years of experience in the Construction industry which will assist your company to reduce service delays at all border ports, airports and seaports. The following services can be provided by ABC Customs Brokers to ensure exceptional customs brokerage services are received:

  • Experts on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) ensuring your company's compliance and lowest possible government fees.
  • Educational seminars and workshops to assist you and your staff of understanding Canadian and U.S. Customs rules and regulations. Our facilitators host regularly scheduled seminars for our clients and non-clients. In addition, we offer customized seminars for businesses and their specific needs.
  • United States Licensed Customs Brokers on staff who have a complete understanding of Canadian and U.S. Customs rules and regulations.
  • Freight Services to assist with transportation of equipment, machinery, infrastructure relocation. ABC can also assist with transportation insurance.

ABC Customs Brokers has a vast list of clients involved in the Construction Industry to include:

  • Engineering companies
  • Road builders and contractors
  • Building contractors
  • Suppliers to the building industry
  • Machinery suppliers, retailers and wholesalers