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Tuesday, January 25, 2022


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Company History

ABC Customs Brokers Ltd. was founded on December 15, 1955 by John Cyril (Jack) Todd.  ABC Customs Brokers' first office was opened at 1035 West Pender Street at the Port of Vancouver, B.C.  A second office soon followed at United Terminals in Burnaby, B.C.  In 1958, Jack founded Pacific Customs Brokers Ltd., at Pacific Highway in Surrey, B.C., with his wife Eileen handling the phones and administrative duties.  In 1981, John Glendon (Glen) Todd, Jack’s son, took over the reigns as President of ABC Customs Brokers Ltd.

Jack Todd passed away on February 8, 2000, but his instilled passion for the industry and client first philosophy live on today.

Glen Todd currently remains the President and Chief Executive Officer of ABC Customs Brokers Ltd., Pacific Customs Brokers Ltd., and a host of other transportation and logistics related companies.   As a result of Glen’s vision and leadership, the companies now employ over 250 people, specializing in all areas of expertise related to customs brokerage, freight management, cross border issues, as well as international trade issues.  ABC Customs Brokers Ltd. is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with the tools necessary to make them successful in today’s global marketplace. 

ABC Customs Brokers Ltd. is proud to have served our clients for over 55 years and we look forward to continuing to “Work Hard at Keeping it Simple” well into the future.

Jack and Eileen Todd Glen Todd
Jack and Eileen Todd Glen Todd

A Word From Our President

At ABC Customs Brokers Ltd. our goal is to stand above our competition, and exceed our client’s expectations, by providing exceptional services, strategic solutions and unmatched client satisfaction in all our business transactions.  We are committed to achieving this goal by providing a rewarding and fulfilling work environment that enables our employees to develop and grow within our company, and by providing constructive contributions to our community and society as a whole.