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International Trade News

International Trade News Stories posted since August 31, 2014

Canada Gazette - Official Regulations

Canada Gazette Oct 30, 2014

The following was published on 22 October 2014 in Part II of the Canada Gazette.

Canada Gazette - Notices and Proposed Regulations

Canada Gazette Oct 30, 2014

The following was published on 18 October 2014 in Part I of the Canada Gazette.

4 Trade Incentives That May Delight Your Finance Team

By Maria Mate, Oct 30, 2014

China Signs Agreement with 20 Other Nations to Establish International Development Bank

By Bree Feng, The New York Times Oct 28, 2014

Deal Set on China-Led Infrastructure Bank

A New Type of US-Japan Trade Relationship

By David A. Parker, The Diplomat Oct 28, 2014

Secretary of Commerce Pritzker’s trade mission to Japan this week underscores the progress made in recent years.

Secretary Pritzker Meets with Korean Leaders to Expand Trade and Grow Economic Partnerships

United States Department of Commerce Oct 28, 2014

Earlier this week, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker met with President of Korea Park Geun-hye, the first female President in South Korea, as well as Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE) Yoon Sang-jick, and Minister for Health and Welfare, Moon Hyung-pyo.

Port Squeeze Threatens U.S. Retailers' Holiday Stocking Plans

By Nandita Bose and Lisa Baertlein, Reuters Oct 28, 2014

A shortage of transportation equipment and possible labor disruptions at the Los Angeles/Long Beach port complex, the nation's busiest, is delaying shipping containers for up to three weeks, threatening timely delivery to retailers for the holiday season.

Playing Ball With China

By Peter Hall , Huffington Post Oct 28, 2014

If you build it, he will come. In this case, "it" is not a baseball diamond, but a renminbi (RMB) hub, and "he" is not Shoeless Joe Jackson, but rather a business community eager to trade and invest in RMB.

Canada Threatens Tariffs on American Wine, Orange Juice and Ketchup in Meat Labelling Dispute

Financial Post Oct 28, 2014

The United States faces potential trade sanctions from Canada and Mexico after the World Trade Organization ruled on Monday it had failed to bring its meat labelling regulations fully in line with international fair trading rules.

Canada Not the Big Winner in European Trade Deal

By Gerald Caplan , The Globe and Mail Oct 28, 2014

Not all the news these days is bad. Last month, Prime Minister Harper and European Union officials were in Ottawa to celebrate a much ballyhooed “free trade” deal between Canada and the EU, called the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Tribunal Issues Report on the Impact of Canadian Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Measures

Government of Canada Oct 28, 2014

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal issued a report highlighting the impact of Canadian anti-dumping and countervailing measures on domestic shipments, investments, employment and imports from 1989 to 2013.

Statement by Canada and Mexico on U.S. Country of Origin Labelling

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Oct 28, 2014

The Danger in Altering Phytosanitary Certificates

ABC Customs Brokers Oct 23, 2014

It has come to the attention of the customs brokerage community that there has been an increased occurrence of alterations being made to Phytosanitary Certificates by persons unknown. Specifically, these alterations are in the form of invalid “Shipper’s Original” stamps being affixed to the certificates. As outlined below, modifying documents in this manner is a very serious offense with staggering repercussions.

CBSA eManifest Roundup

BCTA Oct 22, 2014

Ambassador Optimistic on China-Canada Relations

China Daily Oct 21, 2014

Expanding U.S.-China Commercial Relations Remains a Top Priority

United States Department of Commerce Oct 21, 2014

The U.S.-China commercial relationship remains one of great success and growing potential, despite continuing challenges.

Cuba Wants End to U.S. Trade Embargo

Jamaica Observer Oct 21, 2014

Cuba says it will present a resolution to the United Nations calling for an end to the decades old trade and economic embargo by the United States, a senior Cuban diplomat has said here.

U.S., Mexico Customs Deal Aims to Ease Cross-border Trade

Journal of Commerce Oct 21, 2014

New Lacey Act Working Group Aims to Foster APHIS Participation in ACE/ITDS

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Oct 21, 2014

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is inviting importers, customs brokers and software developers to participate in a new Lacey Act Working Group that will address the technical requirements necessary for the Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to participate in the Automated Commercial Environment and International Trade Data System.

Baird Visits Ireland to Discuss Bilateral and Global Issues

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Oct 21, 2014

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today concluded his bilateral visit to Ireland.

The Governments of Canada and British Columbia Announce Funding for a Key Component of the Asia-Pacific Gateway

Transport Canada Oct 21, 2014

Construction of the Philip Avenue Overpass in the North Shore Trade Area

Canada Files WTO Complaint About Chinese Wood Pulp Duties

CBC News Oct 21, 2014

Canada has made a formal complaint to the World Trade Organization over China imposing what Ottawa says are unfair duties on Canadian companies that ship a certain type of wood pulp there.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Joins Call for Yuan Trading Hub to Help Increase Exports to China

By Melissa Leong, Financial Post Oct 21, 2014

Canada could generate up to $32-billion more in exports over the next 10 years if it creates a yuan trading hub to do business in the world’s fastest growing currency, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce said in a new report.

Memorandum D17-1-21: Maintenance of Records in Canada by Importers

Canada Border Services Agency Oct 21, 2014

Memorandum D17-1-21

WTO Rules Against U.S. Meat Labelling Laws

Oct 21, 2014

Pork and beef industries hurt by laws that demand country of origin label for each animal

Governments Unveil New Model for Port Metro Vancouver's Container Trucking Industry

Oct 17, 2014

Canada’s Transport Minister, the Honourable Lisa Raitt, and B.C. Transportation and Infrastructure Minister the Honourable Todd Stone today issued the following joint statement to unveil a new model for the container trucking industry serving Port Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Automated Export System Filing — Get Your Vehicle Across the U.S. Border

By Mandy Watters, Oct 16, 2014

WTO Cuts World Trade Growth Forecasts from 4.7%to 3.1% for 2014

Canadian shipper Oct 14, 2014

The World Trade Organisation said the trade in global goods trade will grow less than hoped this year and next as regional conflicts and the Ebola outbreak slow down economies.

China Releases Six-Year Logistics Blueprint

By Jing Yang, South China Morning Post Oct 14, 2014

State Council gives go-ahead to mainland port almost doubling its quay length

EU Publishes Its Mandate for U.S. Trade Talks

RTÉ Oct 14, 2014

The EU has published its negotiating mandate for a free trade deal with the United States in a bid to quell opposition to the proposed accord.

CBP Commissioner Reviews Progress on Northern Border Trade, Security Initiatives

Canadian Shipper Oct 14, 2014

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske delivered an update on border trade and security to a meeting of the Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance on Sept. 29 in Washington, D.C.

Thailand As Eager as Canada to Increase Bilateral Trade, Officials Say on Canadian Trade Visit

By Chuck Chiang, Vancouver Sun Oct 14, 2014

CBSA Responds to CIFFA Comments on Proposed eManifest Regulations

Canadian Shipper Oct 14, 2014

In its daily bulletin, the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) said the Canada Border Services Agency has now completed its research and analysis of all questions and comments that were received from external stakeholders regarding the Pre-Publication of the proposed eManifest regulatory amendments.

Minister Embarks on India Trade Mission Amid Stalled Talks

By Chris Plecash, Embassy Oct 14, 2014

Analysts optimistic that ministerial trips can revive dormant trade negotiations.

Why Canada Needs a Renminbi Trading Hub Now

By C.J. Gavsie , Financial Post Oct 14, 2014

Total trade between Canada and China could double – or even treble – in the 12 months following the establishment of a hub

Canadian Internal Trade Red Tape "A Burden" On Half of SMEs: Survey

Canadian Shipper Oct 14, 2014

According to UPS Canada survey data released today, 48 per cent of small and medium-sized enterprises believe cross-provincial trade restrictions and red tape inhibit their business growth.

Canada and U.S. Chart Way Forward in Commercial Relationship

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Oct 14, 2014

PS O’Toole Welcomes Phase Two of Regulatory Cooperation Council Work

Business Stakeholders Meet to Slash Costly Cross-border Red Tape

By Jessica Murphy, Sun News Network Oct 14, 2014

eManifest Deployment Schedule Established

Canada Border Services Agency Oct 09, 2014

Recently, there was a meeting of the Border Commercial Consultative Committee (BCCC) Commercial Projects Sub-committee. At that time, CBSA notified the trade community that a new deployment schedule for future eManifest functionalities has been established.

Biennial FDA Food Facility Re-registration Now Open

By April Collier, Pacific Customs Brokers (USA) Oct 09, 2014

Under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA), all domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, pack or store food, food ingredients, pet foods or dietary supplements are required to renew their registration with the FDA before the end of 2014 and to re-register every two years thereafter.

Resources to Help Manufacturers Understand Export Controls

United States Department of Commerce Oct 07, 2014

Decision to Eliminate Russia from US GSP Trade Benefits Comes Into Force: White House

RIA Novosti Oct 07, 2014

The United States will terminate Russia's designation as a beneficiary developing country, a status aimed at boosting a country's economy through reduced tariffs under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), a presidential proclamation from US President Barack Obama said on the White House official website.

Air Manifest Changes: ACE Deployment D – January 2015 Release

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Oct 07, 2014

Update: Information about Air AMS testing in the ACE Certification Environment was added to the notice. 

U.S. Reaches Deal With Brazil Ending Cotton Dispute

By Alan Bjerga, Oct 07, 2014

The U.S. and Brazil reached a $300 million agreement to resolve a dispute over cotton subsidies that has bedeviled the two nations for more than a decade.

CBSA to Change Policy on Publication of Advance Rulings

Canada Border Services Agency Oct 07, 2014

Customs Notice 14-024

Will Honduras's New Trade Deal With Canada Spur Economic Growth?

Forbes Oct 07, 2014

Canada and Honduras now have  a free trade pact. In a recent article for The PanAm Post, Adriana Peralta explained, “After a decade of negotiations, Canada and Honduras have finally achieved a bilateral free-trade agreement (FTA), including tariff-free status for 98 percent of goods categories. The agreement is set to go into force on October 1, given a memorandum of understanding, signed on September 15 by Erin O’Toole of Canada’s Ministry of International Trade and Sofia Cerrato, Honduras’s ambassador to Canada.”

Canada-Korea Trade Deal Must Be in Force by January 1: Chief Negotiator

By BJ Siekierski , iPolitics Oct 07, 2014

If the Harper government’s recently-signed free trade agreement with South Korea isn’t in force on the first day of 2015, Canadian exporters will fall further behind European and American competition — Canada’s chief negotiator, Ian Burney, warned Tuesday before the House international trade committee.

FDA Releases Updates to FSMA Proposals

By April Collier, Oct 02, 2014

U.S. Changes Tax Code to Keep Companies From Moving Offshore

Industry Week Sep 30, 2014

Single Entry for Multiple Rail Cars Entering the U.S. on a Single Train

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Sep 30, 2014

  CSMS #14-000510

Argentinian Congress Passes New Supply Law that Could Affect Rights of Canadian Companies Doing Business in Argentina

Davis LLP Sep 30, 2014

On September 18, 2014, the House of Deputies, the lower house of the Argentinian Congress, approved a controversial “supply” bill by a vote of 130 to 105. The bill, known as Law N? 26.991 or New Regulation of Production and Consumption Relations, had already been approved by the Senate on September 4, 2014 and will become law when signed by President Christina Kirchner.

The One Website All Canadian SMEs Need to Know to Get New Business Abroad: ECN

Government of Canada Sep 30, 2014

A new website called Enterprise Canada Network (ECN) is about to make the life of small- to medium-sized companies (SMEs) looking for an easy way to get new contracts abroad a whole lot easier.

Customs Notice 14-022: Update to the Departmental Consolidation of the Customs Tariff

Canada Border Services Agency Sep 30, 2014

Customs Notice 14-022

EDC and South Korea's K-Sure Team Up to Make Business Between Canadian and South Korean Companies Easier

Government of Canada Sep 30, 2014

Export Development Canada (EDC) and Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (K–sure) today signed an agreement to work together on transactions involving Canadian and South Korean companies.

Canada, Europe Sign Long-Awaited Free Trade Deal

Office of the Prime Minister Sep 30, 2014

Declaration by the Prime Minister of Canada and the Presidents of the European Council and European Commission – a new era in Canada/EU relations

Canada Signs Trade Deal with South Korea

Office of the Prime Minister Sep 30, 2014

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Park Geun-hye, President of the Republic of Korea, sign a Joint Declaration in the Hall of Honour on Parliament Hill.

What You Need to Know to Get Your FDA Regulated Product Across the Border

By Aimee Miller, Sep 25, 2014

Customs clearing food products through the U.S. border can be challenging if you do not know how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) works. Shipments of FDA regulated products cross the border and get delivered to U.S. consignees daily. Just because the shipment gets delivered does not mean it has been released by FDA. Let’s begin by reviewing what is required by the FDA, the entry process at the border and the different reviews a shipment may undergo before release.

Joe Oliver Says G20 Sees ‘Significant Economic Challenges Ahead’

By Gordon Isfeld , Financial Post Sep 23, 2014

Canada’s finance minister is urging European countries to consider taking quick action to repair their flagging economies by following stimulus programs similar to the one that pulled this country out of recession.

Canada Gazette - Notices and Proposed Regulations

Canada Gazette Sep 23, 2014

The following was published on 20 September 2014  in Part I of the Canada Gazette.

Emerging Markets Boost U.S. Trade Prospects

By Matthew Heller, CFO Sep 23, 2014

The outlook for cross-border trade continues to improve, although at slower pace.

Importers Listed Under Transport Canada’s Pre-clearance Programs – Appendix F and Appendix G

Canada Border Services Agency Sep 23, 2014

This customs notice is for the attention of importers, customs brokers and Transport Canada approved “Compliance Specialists” (CS) who are involved with the commercial importation of new Canadian compliant vehicles through Transport Canada’s Appendix F and Appendix G pre-clearance programs.

Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement to be Implemented on Oct. 1

Canada Border Services Agency Sep 23, 2014

This customs notice is to inform you that the Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement (CHFTA) will be implemented on October 1, 2014. With the exception of a few agricultural goods, the CHFTA will essentially eliminate the customs duties on all imports from Honduras, either immediately upon implementation of the agreement, or through a tariff phase-out.

FIPA Agreement with China: What's Really in it for Canada?

By Patrick Brown, CBC News Sep 23, 2014

Canadian government has been playing down domestic objections to investment agreement with China

Canada-South Korea Trade Deal Gives Both Countries a Global Boost

By Len Edwards, The Globe and Mail Sep 23, 2014

Len Edwards is a former Canadian Ambassador to South Korea and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. He currently co-chairs the non-governmental Canada-Korea Forum, and is a Distinguished Fellow at both the Centre for International Governance Innovation and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

Customs Notice: Withdrawal of Least Developed Country Tariff (LDCT) From Equatorial Guinea and Maldives

Canada Border Services Agency Sep 22, 2014

Customs Notice 14-020: Withdrawal of Least Developed Country Tariff (LDCT) From Equatorial Guinea and Maldives

Customs Notice: Withdrawal of the General Preferential Tariff From 72 Current Beneficiary Countries

Canada Border Services Agency Sep 22, 2014

Customs Notice 14-019: Withdrawal of the General Preferential Tariff (GPT) From 72 Current Beneficiary Countries

Ministers Issue Beijing Declaration on APEC Food Security

Sep 22, 2014

Beijing Declaration on APEC Food Security

PM to Host Canada-European Union Summit

Office of the Prime Minister Sep 22, 2014

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, and José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, will travel to Ottawa and Toronto on September 26, 2014, to take part in a Canada-European Union (EU) Summit.

Duty Rates Increase for Imports from Several GPT Countries January 1

ABC Customs Brokers Sep 18, 2014

Effective January 1, 2015, the Canadian government intends to withdraw eligibility to the General Preferential Tariff (GPT) from 72 higher-income and trade competitive countries (out of current 175 beneficiaries), including China, South Korea, India and Brazil.

CBP Moving Ahead with C-TPAT for Exporters

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Sep 16, 2014

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is indicating that it is extending eligibility for the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism to exporters.

Canada's National Beef Import Levy

Canada Beef Inc. via Canadian Society of Customs Brokers Sep 16, 2014

Information for Beef Importers

Export Filing Exemptions for Temporary Exports, Carnets, TIBs Reinstated

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Sep 16, 2014

The Census Bureau has issued an interim final rule reinstating export filing exemptions for temporary exports, which includes carnets, and goods previously imported under a temporary import bond and exported in the same condition.

U.S., EU Intensify Economic Sanctions Against Russia

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Sep 16, 2014

The United States and the European Union have implemented additional economic sanctions against Russia in response to what they claim are continued and deliberate efforts to destabilize eastern Ukraine.

Canada Breaking Down Trade Barriers

Advisor Sep 16, 2014

Canada-China Investment Treaty to Come into Force Oct. 1

By Susan Lunn, CBC News Sep 16, 2014

Conservatives ratify foreign investment treaty more than 2 years after signing deal

Fact Check: CETA and the Canadian Marine Shipping Industry

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Sep 16, 2014

Complexity of New Free-Trade Deals Challenging Canadian Companies

By Barrie McKenna, The Globe and Mail Sep 16, 2014

A complex web of overlapping free-trade agreements is creating opportunity, but also new challenges, for Canadian food and agricultural producers.

5 Keys to Import Successfully into the USA

ABC Customs Brokers Sep 11, 2014

If you are new to importing goods into the United States there are many requirements, restrictions, and regulations involved.

NAFTA Panel Throws Out $1.5 Billion Case Over FDA Import Alert

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Sep 09, 2014

A NAFTA arbitral tribunal rejected this week all claims brought against the U.S. by two Canadian pharmaceutical companies that had sought up to $1.5 billion in damages for losses allegedly caused by an import alert issued by the Food and Drug Administration.

Import and Export of Controlled Substances and Precursors – D19-9-2 Updated

By Canada Border Services Agency, Sep 09, 2014

This memorandum outlines the pertinent regulatory requirements and each organization’s roles and responsibilities associated with the import and export of controlled substances and precursors (including transit and transhipment) regulated under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Anti-Dumping: Notice of Conclusion of Re-investigation – Refined Sugar

Canada Border Services Agency Sep 09, 2014

On September 4, 2014 Canada Border Services Agency concluded a re-investigation of normal values and export prices of refined sugar

Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Canada-Mexico Partnership

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Sep 09, 2014

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today announced that the Canada-Mexico Partnership (CMP) annual meeting will take place in Calgary on September 8 and 9, 2014.

EU Members at Odds Over Trade Deal with Canada

By Anca Gurzu, Embassy Sep 09, 2014

EU chief negotiator warns EU parliamentarians and member states of the consequences of reopening talks on a controversial investment protection section.

Canadian Exports to Europe on Rise

By Gordon Isfeld, Financial Post Sep 09, 2014

Boost comes despite EU's flat economy

U.S. and Canada Launch “Joint Forward Plan” to Cut Red Tape

Office of the Prime Minister Sep 09, 2014

Canada and the United States Commit to Deepening the Level of Regulatory Cooperation

New Seizure Policy for Undervaluations Discovered in the Courier LVS Program

Canada Border Services Agency via the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers Sep 02, 2014

CBSA will shortly be implementing a new seizure policy for undervalued shipments imported through the Courier Low Value Shipment (CLVS).

Incoterms® 2010: Speaking the Same Language

By Frank Reynolds, Inbound Logistics Sep 02, 2014

Incoterms 2010 rules are 11 terms of shipment and delivery used in business-to-business purchase contracts and tangible portable goods sales.

Container Volumes on the Rise at North American Ports

Journal of Commerce Sep 02, 2014

The number of containers moving through major North American ports was up over 4 percent in the first half of 2014, port statistics show.

Canadian Trade on Track for Healthy Growth

By Mark Szakonyi, Journal of Commerce Sep 02, 2014

Canadian export growth is slated to rise to 4.7 percent this year and 7.7 percent in 2015, as global and particularly U.S. demand builds, non-energy shipments rise, and the Canadian dollar weakens, according to the Royal Bank of Canada.

Ontario, B.C. Teaming Up to Rally Support for Chinese Yuan Trading Hub in Canada

By John Greenwood , Financial Post Sep 02, 2014

A push to create a yuan trading hub in Canada is gaining momentum as countries around the world race to boost their share of trading in Chinese currency, which has grown dramatically along with China’s economy.

Canada-EU Trade Deal Threatened by EU Lawmakers

CBC News Sep 02, 2014

EU lawmakers are threatening to block a multi-billion dollar trade pact between Canada and the European Union — a blueprint for a much bigger EU-U.S. deal — because it would allow firms to sue governments if they breach the treaty.