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International Trade News

International Trade News Stories posted since June 06, 2015

Crossing the Border by Truck "More Expensive" Since 9/11: StatsCan

Canadian Shipper Aug 04, 2015

WTO Report Finds Growing Stockpile of Trade Restrictions

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development Aug 04, 2015

The pace of removing trade-restrictive measures remains worryingly slow, WTO Director-General Roberto Azevêdo said last week, updating the global trade body’s 161 members on the latest figures of both trade-restrictive and trade-liberalising measures.

Even the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Team Had to Pass Through U.S. Customs

By Elaine Burke, Siliconrepublic Aug 04, 2015

WTO Ruling Finds China Tariffs on U.S. Specialty Steel Breached Trade Rules

China Economic Review Aug 04, 2015

A World Trade Organization panel has ruled that China failed to comply with a previous ruling that found tariffs in China on a type of specialty steel products produced in the United States had failed to comply with global trade rules, Reuters reported. 

Iran, U.S. Closer to Joint Trade Chambers

Press TV Aug 04, 2015

A top Iranian trade official has confirmed that the United States has already taken measures for the establishment of the US-Iran Joint Chamber of Commerce, saying a reciprocal move will start in Tehran once the Chamber is officially launched in Washington.

EU Trade Negotiators Aim for 2016 U.S. Trade Pact

By Barbara Lewis, Reuters Aug 04, 2015

European negotiators are aiming to finalize a trade pact with the United States in 2016 in "an optimistic scenario", EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said on Tuesday.

Senators Work to Avoid Billions in Retaliatory Sanctions Against U.S. Exports

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Aug 04, 2015

Members of the Senate acted recently to prevent Canada and Mexico from imposing billions of dollars in sanctions against U.S. exports after the World Trade Organization again ruled against U.S. rules for mandatory country of origin labeling for meat products.

Canadian Paper Mill Plans to Fight U.S. Decision on Tariffs

By Michael Tutton, The Globe and Mail Aug 04, 2015

A Canadian paper mill that relies on exports to the United States to maintain more than 330 jobs at its Cape Breton mill says it will fight hard against a decision by the U.S. government to slap large tariffs onto its coated paper products.

Are Canadian Firms Ready to Seize CETA’s Benefits in Europe?

By Emmanuelle Ganne and Omar Allam, The Globe and Mail Aug 04, 2015

Emmanuelle Ganne was a World Trade Organization executive and adviser to former WTO director-general Pascal Lamy and serves as vice-president of Europe with Allam Advisory Group.

Omar Allam is a former Canadian diplomat and chief executive officer/founder of Allam Advisory Group. He manages a global team of former C-level executives and high-ranking diplomats that specialize in helping businesses expand in foreign markets and Canada.

No Deal: 12-Nation Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks End

Ottawa Citizen Aug 04, 2015

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was prepared to make a triumphant announcement Friday night about Canada joining the largest free-trade zone in history, and use that as a launchpad into an anticipated weekend election call.

Canadian Beef, Pork Plants Capitalise on New Ukraine Free Trade Agreement

The Pig Site Jul 28, 2015

The Canadian Meat Council reports Canadian beef and pork processing plants are taking steps to capitalise on improved access to Ukraine as a result of a new Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement, writes Bruce Cochrane.

EU Steps Up PR Campaign to Overcome U.S. Trade Deal Hostility

By Robin Emmott, Reuters Jul 28, 2015

Canada-Israel Trade Pact Hailed

By Ed Fast, The Vancouver Sun Jul 28, 2015

Ensuring prosperity: Conservative government has now reached free-trade deals with 39 countries.

Trade Deal Ends Tariffs On More Than 200 Tech Products

By Paul Wiseman and Frank Jordans, U.S. News & World Report Jul 28, 2015

FDA Proposes User Fee Program to Fund Accreditation of Third-Party Auditors

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Jul 28, 2015

The Food and Drug Administration has published a proposed rule and a draft guidance document to support a new program under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act that will help eligible foreign entities demonstrate that imported food meets U.S. food safety requirements.

Canada Miffed by Latest U.S. Bill on Meat Labelling

By Alex Panetta, CTV News Jul 28, 2015

Each U.S. State's Most Important International Trading Partner

By Andy Kiersz , Business Insider Jul 28, 2015

International trade is a big part of America's economy, and a factor in each of the fifty state economies that constitute it.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks Peak as Canada Eyes Election Timing

By Janyce McGregor, CBC News Jul 28, 2015

'It's hard to put out a press release during an election, let alone a 21st century trade agreement'

What the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks Mean for Canada Jul 28, 2015

Wheat, Barley, Wheat Products and Barley Products Tariff Rate Quotas 2015-2016

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Jul 28, 2015

his message pertains to imports of wheat, barley, wheat products and barley products covered by items 161 to 191 of the Import Control List (ICL).

Statement from Ministers on Senator Stabenow's Proposed Bill to Amend United States Country of Origin Labelling (COOL)

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Jul 28, 2015

WTO Reaches Major Agreement in Cutting Global IT Tariffs

By Vasudevan Sridharan, International Business Times Jul 21, 2015

The WTO trade negotiations have reached agreement to cut tariffs on a range of technology products in a deal considered the most significant in nearly two decades.

Slowing June Volumes at World’s Top Two Container Ports

By Greg Knowler, The Journal of Commerce Jul 21, 2015

Singapore became the second Asian hub port to declare slowing container throughput in June following weak growth reported by Shanghai last week in the run up to the peak season period from July to September.

EU-U.S. Trade Deal Could Boost Auto Sales by 20 Percent, Study Says

By Tom Fairless, The Wall Street Journal Jul 21, 2015

When Caroline Freund’s grandmother gave up driving, her family decided to import her Mercedes car from Germany to the United States.

U.S. Imports Shifting to East Coast Ports

Maritime Activity Reports, Inc. Jul 21, 2015

Supply Chains Radically Shift From Pacific to Atlantic Ports in the First Half of 2015.

CBP Announces Additional Partnerships to Promote Trade and Travel

Jul 21, 2015

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced today that it has made initial selections for 16 new reimbursable services agreements to promote economic growth in cross-border trade and travel across the country.

Putting Trade with Canada and Mexico on the Map for U.S. Manufacturers

By Phillip Poland, Industry Week Jul 21, 2015

While the notion of global trade may conjure thoughts of air and sea freight crossing oceans and hemispheres, the simple fact is that for U.S. manufacturers, two of the surest international export/import partners can be found only a drive away from some of our very own border cities.

CETA: Another Roadblock in Europe

By Anca Gurzu, Embassy News Jul 21, 2015

The future of the investment-protection provisions in the Canada-European Union trade deal are increasingly under threat, following growing political opposition in Europe to the current negotiated language of the text.

Canada and Korea Expand Transport Cooperation

Materials Management & Distribution Jul 21, 2015

The Canadian government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Action Plan with South Korea to promote cooperation in the field of transport, with a focus on gateways, air and rail transportation activities.

Bank of Canada Rate Cut a Pain for Importers

By Seres Lu, The Globe and Mail Jul 21, 2015

Small- and medium-sized businesses may not see much benefit from the Bank of Canada's most recent interest rate cut, economists say.

U.S. Organic Trade Pact with Switzerland Opens $2 Billion Market

By Carolyn Heneghan , Industry Dive Jul 14, 2015

U.S. Revises Tariffs and Duties on Chinese Solar Imports

Bloomberg Business Jul 14, 2015

The U.S. revised some taxes on solar products from certain companies in China to help thwart dumping amid a renewable-energy spat between the two nations.

Chicken Industry An Unfair Target of TPP, Farmers Argue

By Steven Chase, The Globe and Mail Jul 14, 2015

The growing prospect of a Pacific Rim trade deal that would grant foreign farmers greater access to Canadian consumers has sparked a debate about homegrown protectionism that has largely revolved around Canada’s heavily sheltered dairy industry.

Power Trade Rises Between U.S. and Canada, Boosting Reliability

By Robert Walton, Industry Dive Jul 14, 2015

India-Canada FTA likely to be concluded by March 2016 Jul 14, 2015

The negotiations for the agreement, which is officially dubbed as Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), were launched by both the countries in November, 2010 to further boost bilateral trade and investment.

Officials Resume Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations July 24

By Janyce McGregor, CBC News Jul 14, 2015

Ed Fast to join trade ministers at TPP talks in Hawaii this month

U.S. Weighs Completing Pacific Rim Trade Deal Without Canada: Sources

By Richard Cowan, Reuters Jul 14, 2015

The United States, frustrated over the lack of progress with Canada over new rules for agriculture trade, is weighing "contingencies" that could include completing a Pacific Rim trade pact that excludes Canada, according to two sources familiar with the issue.

Canada Inks Free-Trade Deal with Ukraine

The Office of the Prime Minister Jul 14, 2015

Trade Compliance Verifications - July 2015

Canada Border Services Agency Jul 14, 2015

On a semi-annual basis, CBSA publishes the list of Trade Verification Priorities. The second list for 2015 is now available.

Why Your Carrier’s eManifest Compliance Matters

ABC Customs Brokers Jul 09, 2015

For those of you new to, or unfamiliar with, ACI eManifest, this is how the CBSA summarizes the program.

Tariff Elimination Under CETA Could Add $1.4 Billion to Canadian Goods Exports to Europe by 2022

Canadian Manufacturing Jul 07, 2015

Agriculture, food and beverage, and chemicals likely to see the greatest export gains from tariff elimination

Shippers Ask U.S. Customs for Extra Time to Prepare for ACE Deadline

By Reynolds Hutchins , Journal of Commerce Jul 06, 2015

US Officials Complete Trade Mission to Africa

By William Eagle, Voice of America Jul 06, 2015

U.S. Opens its Market to Argentine Fresh Beef Imports; Lemons Still Pending

MercoPress Jul 06, 2015

Argentina announced that the United States APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) has allowed fresh beef imports from Argentina, lifting a 15-year ban which Buenos Aires had always considered 'unjustified' and bluntly 'protectionist' and as such had claimed before the WTO. In the same vein Argentina also anticipated it expected a similar decision from the US regarding Argentine lemons.

The Controversial TTIP Trade Deal Proposal Explained

By Julia Kollewe, The Guardian Jul 06, 2015

The EU claims it will create millions of jobs and bring down the cost of living – but others say it is a threat to public services such as the NHS

eManifest For Freight Forwarders to Soon be Mandatory

By Keith Norbury, Canadian Sailings Jul 06, 2015

Canada Slaps Sanctions on Gazprom, Other Russia Energy Firms

By David Ljunggren , Reuters Jul 06, 2015

New Air Cargo Screening Rules in Canada

Materials Management and Distribution Jul 06, 2015

Updated regulations will align with international practices

China Hints at Interest in Trade Deal with Canada

By Chuck CHiang, Vancouver Sun Jul 06, 2015

Ottawa has suggested it wants closer parity in trade before negotiations

Trade Tribunal Agrees Cheap Chinese Imports Are Hurting Canadian Solar Makers

By David Paddon, CTV News Jul 06, 2015

TPP Trade Talks: Canada, Japan at Impasse Over B.C. Timber

Macleans Jul 06, 2015

‘Secret’ documents reveal Japan pushing Canada to modify the controls it imposes on B.C. log exports

Mexico Delays Import Rule Changes

By Will Waters, Llyod's Jun 30, 2015

Requirement to provide proof of payment and contractual evidence of imported goods’ valuation postponed until 1 September

Russia to Extend Ban on Western Food Imports Until Early 2016

Reuters Jun 30, 2015

Russia plans to extend a ban on Western food imports for six months starting from early August, after the European Union extended its own sanctions against Moscow, Russian officials said on Monday.

New WCO Guide on Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Jun 30, 2015

U.S.-NAFTA Freight Value Drops 6.8% Annually in April, Reports BTS

Logisitics Management Jun 30, 2015

The Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reported this week that U.S. trade with its North America Free Trade Agreement partners Canada and Mexico in April fell 6.8 percent annually to $93.3 billion, following a 5.3 percent decline to $96.1 billion in March.

Senators Introduce Six-year, $278 Billion Bill to Reauthorize Surface Transport Programs

DC Velocity Staff Jun 30, 2015

Bill allocates $13.5 billion for freight infrastructure spend.

New Requirements for Importing Horses from the United States

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Jun 30, 2015

US Importers Moving More Containers Through Vancouver

By Bill Mongelluzzo, Journal of Commerce Jun 30, 2015

U.S. importers are rapidly moving more containers through Port Metro Vancouver and to Chicago and the upper Midwest, dealing another blow to the ports of Seattle and Tacoma.

Canadian Solar Panel Makers Pin Hopes on Upcoming Trade Decision

By David Paddon , The Globe and Mail Jun 30, 2015

A band of small Canadian solar panel manufacturers is banking on an upcoming trade decision in hopes of surviving an onslaught of low-priced Chinese imports.

Canadian Dairy Sector Getting Creamed by Trade Deficit: Report

By Kelsey Johnson , iPolitics Jun 30, 2015

The polarized debate on the future of Canada’s supply management system is ignoring current challenges on imports, exports and international subsidies – issues that “pose a significant threat” to the Canadian dairy sector, a new policy report warned Monday.

Executives Urge Canada to Diversify Beyond Natural Resources

By Richard Blackwell, The Globe and Mail Jun 30, 2015

It is beginning to sink in among the Canadian business elite that the economy is going to have to start weaning itself off oil.

Obama Signs Trade Bills Into Law, Says Tough Battle Still Ahead

By Roberta Rampton and Lindsay Dunsmuir, Reuters Jun 30, 2015

U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday signed into law legislation that gives him "fast-track" power to push ahead on a Pacific Rim trade deal that has been the subject of intense debate in Congress and across the nation.

Customs ACI eManifest Changes and Imports with Multiple Loads

By Latitia Scarr, CPMA Produce Now Jun 30, 2015

U.S. Senate Hands a Victory to Obama on Trade Pact

By Jonathan Weisman, The New York Times Jun 23, 2015

The Senate narrowly voted Tuesday to end debate on legislation granting President Obama enhanced negotiating powers to complete a major Pacific trade accord, virtually assuring final passage Wednesday of Mr. Obama’s top legislative priority in his final years in office.

Chinese Checks on Imported Food to Get Tougher

By Shan Juan, China Daily Jun 23, 2015

Laws to reflect changes as Chinese buy more from abroad after domestic scandals

West-Coast Ports Still Face Box Repositioning Issues

By James Baker, Lloyd's Loading List Jun 23, 2015

Empties boost throughput figures but indicate US Pacific terminals are still rebalancing containers dislocated by winter trade slowdowns

U.S. Exports to China Hit Record $120.8 Billion

By Paul Bedard , The Washington Examiner Jun 23, 2015

Beyond the Border: U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico Trade in Perspective

By Philip Poland, International Trade Administration Jun 23, 2015

Renminbi Trading Hub Touted As Business Boost

By Chuck Chiang, Vancouver Sun Jun 23, 2015

‘We are a trading nation,’ B.C. finance minister says, downplaying concerns about further real estate inflation

An Internal Trade Agreement Would Be Good News for Business

By Ian McLean, Waterloo Chronical Jun 23, 2015

Six Tough Questions About the China Trade Deal

By Gus Van Harten, The Tyee Jun 23, 2015

In his new book, Sold Down the Yangtze, trade law expert and Osgoode law professor Gus Van Harten takes apart the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) with China, detailing how he perceives the Harper government sold out Canada's national interests and awarded Chinese investors "an enclave legal status" in Canada.

To Call Trade Deal ‘Nafta on Steroids’ Picks the Wrong Target

By Greg Ip, The Wall Street Journal Jun 23, 2015

U.S. House Approves Repeal of Meat Origin Labeling Law

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Jun 16, 2015

The House of Representatives on June 10 voted to repeal the mandatory country of origin labeling requirements for meat products that the World Trade Organization has determined violate U.S. multilateral obligations by discriminating against livestock imports from Canada and Mexico.

G-7 Leaders Aim for TTIP Outline By Year’s End, Make Global Climate Push

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development Jun 15, 2015

This article is published under Bridges,Volume 19 - Number 21

House Blocks Obama Trade Agenda - Now What?

Industry Week Jun 15, 2015

Reminder: Customs Notice 14-005 - Harmonized System Codes for Export Declarations

Canada Border Services Agency via Canadian Society of Customs Brokers Jun 15, 2015

Canada Expected to Wrap Up New Free Trade Agreement with Israel By July: Source

By Jake Edmiston, National Post Jun 15, 2015

Canada Should Focus on NAFTA and Mexico

By Laura Dawson, Financial Post Jun 15, 2015

Mexico’s growth prospects make it the best option for Canada’s emerging-market expansion and investment plans

Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade Recommends New Approaches for Canada-US-Mexico Trade Relationship

The Parliament of Canada Jun 15, 2015

Courier Low Value Shipments (CLVS) Compliance Activities

Canada Border Services Agency via Canadian Society of Customs Brokers Jun 15, 2015

Powdered Whey Tariff Rate Quota – Deadline for Applications for the 2015-2016 Allocation

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Jun 12, 2015

The deadline to apply for an allocation under the powdered whey tariff rate quota for the period of August 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016 is July 15, 2015.

USTR Releases Report Detailing Tariff Barriers that Will be Addressed in TPP

Office of the United States Trade Representative Jun 08, 2015

New USTR Report shows that American workers and businesses face disproportionately high tariff barriers in the Asia-Pacific, which the Obama Administration is fighting to lower through the Trans-Pacific Partnership  

Why Free Trade Agreements Should Matter to All of Us

By Andrés Gluski, Jun 08, 2015

CFIB Urges New Deal to Create Free Trade Within Canada

CBC News Jun 08, 2015

Dismantling internal barriers should be provincial priority, small business lobby group says

WTO Rules Against India Over U.S. Meat Imports Ban

By Live Mint, D. Ravi Kanth Jun 08, 2015

The appellate body dismissed India’s challenge against the earlier ruling on several grounds

Meat, Wine Among Canada's Targets in Label Fight with U.S.

Reuters Jun 08, 2015

Regulations Amending the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations

Transport Canada Jun 08, 2015

Minister Fantino Highlights Canada-Italy Trade Ties

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Jun 08, 2015

The Canada-EU trade agreement will benefit businesses and workers on both sides of the Atlantic

Canada Creates Two Foreign Trade Zones in Alberta

Western Economic Diversification Canada Jun 08, 2015

Harper Pushes Canada-EU Trade Pact on First Day of G7 Summit

By Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press Jun 08, 2015

Harper’s office said he talked up the trade pact at the G7’s first working session of the day on the fragile global economy

Free Trade: China Hints at Interest in Trade Deal with Canada

By Chuck Chiang, Vancouver Sun Jun 08, 2015

Ottawa has suggested it wants closer parity in trade before negotiations

SIMA – Final Determinations Respecting Certain Photovoltaic Modules and Laminates (Solar Panels)

Canada Border Services Agency Jun 08, 2015