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International Trade News

International Trade News Stories posted since October 19, 2014

ACI eManifest: Updated Timelines for System Functionality and Deployment

ABC Customs Brokers Dec 18, 2014

Canada Border Services Agency has provided updated timelines for ACI eManifest system functionality and deployment. These timelines and dates, which could be subject to change, are available in this CBSA presentation.

Importer Security Filing: Mandatory Bond Requirement

ABC Customs Brokers Dec 18, 2014

Are your Importer Security Filing (ISF) submissions completed on time and accurately with every transaction? Full enforcement of Importer Security Filing (ISF) has been in effect since July 2013, and yet there are still many ocean shipments entering the United States with late or missing filings.

ABC Customs Brokers Wishes You a Merry Christmas!

Dec 18, 2014

The holiday season is a wonderful time for us to appreciate our clients and partners who have supported our vision of being a premium service provider. Our business would not be possible without your continued support. 

Pacific Trade Pact Chances 'Significantly' Better Than 50-50: Obama

Reuters Dec 15, 2014

Chances that U.S. negotiators can bring home a strong trade deal with Asia-Pacific countries are now much better than 50-50, U.S. President Barack Obama said on Thursday.

U.S.-China Relations: Great for TV, but Greater for the U.S. Economy

United States Department of Commerce Dec 15, 2014

Frank Underwood doesn’t understand the purpose of the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT).

Canadian Exporting Companies Are Shifting Into New Markets: EDC Report

Export Development Canada Dec 15, 2014

Strengthening Free Trade in Canada

Industry Canada Dec 15, 2014

Harper Government delivers on commitment to develop Internal Trade Barriers Index

For Canadian Christmas Tree Exporters - 'Tis the Season to Be Jolly

Export Development Canada Dec 15, 2014

At this very moment, thousands of Canadian grown Christmas trees are making their way to destinations all over the world, including the United States, Russia, El Salvador, Japan, even Trinidad and Tobago.

Duty Rates Increase for Imports from Several GPT Countries January 1

ABC Customs Brokers Dec 11, 2014

U.S. - CBP Establishes Website on eBonds

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Dec 09, 2014

U.S., Singapore Sign Customs Agreements

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Dec 09, 2014

Canada and Israel Begin Third Round of Trade Expansion Talks

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Dec 09, 2014

Canada Quietly Signed Customs Agreement with China

By Jacques Bourbeau, Global News Dec 09, 2014

Implementation of the Canada–Korea Free Trade Agreement: Customs Notice 14-030

Canada Border Services Agency Dec 09, 2014

Shipping Holiday Gifts into Canada – A Word to the Wise

By Gloria Terhaar, Dec 04, 2014

Brazil in $1 Billion Port Drive

Port Technology International Dec 02, 2014

Brazil Special Ports (SEP) Minister Cesar Borges has announced that US$1 billion will be spent on the country’s port sector prior to the end of 2015.

U.S.Department of Commerce Releases New Web Tool to Help U.S. Companies Comply with Export Laws

United States Department of Commerce Dec 02, 2014

New Consolidated Screening List Format Supports Private Sector Innovation and Strengthens National Security

U.S. Appeals COOL Ruling — TFA Moves Forward — TISA Talks Begin in Geneva

By Adam Behsudi, POLITICO Dec 02, 2014

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has appealed the World Trade Organization’s ruling that the Agriculture Department didn’t comply properly with the global trade body’s ruling against country-of-origin labeling.

How to Prepare for the Food Safety Modernization Act

Inbound Logistics Dec 02, 2014

The motive was clear: Educate and instruct public and private sectors on how to better protect the food supply chain, then react and respond when product recalls occur. 

The bill covers three primary aspects of food safety: 1) Prevention, 2) Inspection and Compliance, and 3) Imports.

Government of Canada to Maintain Minimum Grain Volume Requirements For Railways

Government of Canada Dec 02, 2014

Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz today announced that minimum grain volume requirements will be extended until March 28, 2015. This measure, initially introduced in March 2014, will help to maintain Canada’s reputation as a reliable supplier to world markets.

Produce Sellers Hit by Canada-U.S. Trade Hurdle

By Sneh Duggal, Embassy News Dec 02, 2014

Canadian fruit and vegetable sellers sending goods to the United States could face a new stumbling block if they don’t get paid and need to file a formal complaint. 

Yuan Hub Could Save Canadian Firms C$6.2 Billion Over Decade, Report Says

Reuters Dec 02, 2014

A deal to set up Toronto as North America's first trading hub for China's yuan currency will save Canadian companies up to C$6.2 billion ($5.5 billion) over the next decade and boost trade and growth, Toronto-Dominion Bank said on Wednesday. 

Canada 'Concerned' as Buy America Rules Applied to B.C. Ferry Build

Reuters Dec 02, 2014

The Canadian government said on Tuesday it is "deeply concerned" by a State of Alaska effort to apply 'Buy America' rules to a ferry terminal being built in a remote northern British Columbia port town.

WTO Adopts Historic Trade Deal After Months-Long Standoff

By Avaneesh Pandey, International Business Times Dec 02, 2014

The World Trade Organization (WTO) on Thursday announced the adoption of a historic trade deal, which, according to some estimates, could add nearly $1 trillion annually to global trade.

U.S. West Coast Container Ports — Contending with Congestion

ABC Customs Brokers Nov 27, 2014

There is considerable and understandable concern within the trade community regarding the current West Coast trade disruptions, and the resulting delays and diversions of vessel cargo arriving and departing from West Coast ports.

Major Infrastructure Projects in Mexico: Exporting Opportunities for U.S. Firms

International Trade Administration Nov 25, 2014

Recently the Minority Business Development Agency’s (MBDA) National Deputy Director, Albert K. Shen, met with Carlos Marron, Senior Investment and Trade Commissioner of ProMexico, to discuss ways to collaborate on upcoming infrastructure projects throughout Mexico.

Is Your Company Ready to Export?

United States Department of Commerce Nov 25, 2014

Don Aberle has one piece of advice for companies looking to export: Commit to it.

It may take time, but the marketing manager from Titan Machinery Outlet says that commitment can pay off, and “good things will happen.”

CBP Clarifies Valid, Invalid, Defective NAFTA Certificates of Origin

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Nov 25, 2014

U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently issued a notice to clarify when a NAFTA certificate of origin is considered valid, invalid or defective. This notice also reminds importers that preference claims will be denied when possession of a valid NAFTA certificate of origin at the time of the claim cannot be substantiated.

World's Largest Containership (19.000 TEU) Belongs to China and Was Built in Korea

Merco Press Nov 25, 2014

The world’s largest containership was named at a ceremony held by builder Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI) this week. Named CSCL Globe, it is the first of five 19,000 TEU containerships for China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL), and takes the title of world’s largest containership from Maersk Line’s 18,000 TEU Triple E class vessels.

CIFFA Updates Container Examination Fact Sheet

Canadian Shipper Nov 25, 2014

CIFFA has recently updated its container examination FACT SHEET which provides clarification and important information on the CBSA’s Container Examinations at First Port of Arrival, the association said. The FACT SHEET was developed to provide guidelines for CIFFA members to help them manage examinations and provide information to their clients.

COOL Regulations Face Uncertain Future South of Border

Canadian Manufacturing Nov 25, 2014

Package labels on fresh cuts of meat that identify where animals were born, raised and slaughtered face an uncertain future after successful trade challenges from Canada and Mexico. Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack said the United States is running out of options for the meat labels, which are required under a 2008 law.

Free Trade Deal with China is Australia’s Gain, Canada’s Pain

By Nathan Vanderklippe, The Globe and Mail Nov 25, 2014

Monday was “a very good day for Australia,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott declared after reaching agreement on a free-trade deal with Beijing that, he said, “opens the doors to China” for his country’s corporate sector.

CIFFA Outlines “Domino Effect of West Coast Port Issues” on Air and Ocean Transport

Canadian Shipper Nov 25, 2014

The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA), has issued a special bulletin advising its members about the domino effects of West Coast Port issues impacting air and ocean transport. CIFFA said it is important that freight forwarders communicate with customers to establish realistic expectations during this volatile period.

2014 Broiler Hatching Eggs and Chicks Notice

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Nov 25, 2014

NAFTA Certificate of Origin: Top 5 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

ABC Customs Brokers Nov 20, 2014

CBP Reviewing Information Collections on FTAs, Harbor Maintenance Fee

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Nov 18, 2014

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is accepting comments through Jan. 16, 2015, on the proposed extension of the following information collections.

Lines Impose U.S. West-coast Congestion Surcharges

By Mike King, Loyd's Loading List Nov 18, 2014

Transpacific shippers hit with new charges of up to $1,000 per feu from today

India, U.S. Agreement Clears Path For Trillion-Dollar WTO Trade Deal

By Bryce Baschuk, Bloomberg BNA Nov 18, 2014

India agreed to approve the World Trade Organization's Trade Facilitation Agreement after it reached an understanding with the U.S. to implement a temporary peace clause on its domestic food security program.

Australia, China Agree Free Trade Deal

By Matt Siegel, Reuters Nov 18, 2014

China and Australia on Monday sealed a landmark free trade agreement more than a decade in the making, significantly expanding ties between the world's second largest economy and one of Washington's closest allies in Asia.

U.S. to Expand Extensive Drone Border Patrol to Canadian Border

By Elliot Spagat And Brian Skoloff, Toronto Star Nov 18, 2014

Drones patrol nearly half of U.S.-Mexico border now in a strategy shift, AP reports.

Surging Growth in the US Will Help Revive Ontario Exports, Says EDC

Export Development Canada Nov 18, 2014

A surging US economy is powering Ontario's export growth into 2015, says a new report by Export Development Canada (EDC).

Minister Fast Highlights Sweet Canadian Export Success

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Nov 18, 2014

Export Development Canada and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service play key roles in helping SMEs grow and prosper

The Real Opportunity in Renminbi

By Murad Hemmadi, Profit Guide Nov 18, 2014

Canada's new reciprocal deal with China is poised to cut trading costs in a big way. Here's what you need to know

Export Wins for Canada's Aerospace Sector in Japan

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Nov 18, 2014

Minister Fast highlights export successes of CAE, Bell Helicopter and Bombardier during trade mission to Japan

The Most Crucial Aspect of Global Trade: HS Tariff Codes

By Cherie Storms, Nov 13, 2014

South Korea, China Agree on Free Trade Deal

By Tom Wright and Kwanwoo Jun in Seoul and Mark Magnier in Beijing , The Wall Street Journal Nov 11, 2014

Deal Seen as Potential Challenge to U.S. Economic Influence

GOP Senate Gives Trade Agreements Promise

By Teresa Welsh, U.S. News & World Report Nov 11, 2014

Two large pending U.S. trade agreements could see passage under Republicans.

U.S., China in a Trade Showdown

By Jayant Menon, Bangkok Post Nov 11, 2014

The race is on between the United States and China to dominate the rules-setting game for trade by being the first to be able to announce plans for a free trade area in the Pacific Rim.


Trade Restrictions Next Step for Canada in Labelling Battle

By April Hudson, Spruce Grove Examiner/Stony Plain Reporter Nov 11, 2014

Sanctions may well be in the offing for products from the United States if they don’t change country of origin labeling (COOL) requirements, Canada agriculture minister Gerry Ritz has said.

Trans-Pacific Trade Deal is Close, Leaders Say

By Steven Chase, The Globe and Mail Nov 11, 2014

Stephen Harper, Barack Obama and 10 other leaders of countries bordering the Pacific Ocean used the beginning of a major international summit in Beijing to announce they’re nearing a major agreement to liberalize trade between their economies.

RCMP Unveils Massive Border Security Project

By Ian Macleod, Ottawa Citizen Nov 11, 2014

New details surfaced Tuesday about a massive intelligence-gathering network of RCMP video cameras, radar, ground sensors, thermal radiation detectors and more to be erected along the Ontario and Quebec borders with the United States – which could eventually have access to the collected data.

CETA Free Trade Agreement Could Benefit Canada More Than EU

By Jax Jacobsen, Geopolitical Monitor Nov 11, 2014

Late last week, an assembly of trade specialists, law professors and high-ranking policy officers from both Canada and the European Union converged at McGill University to discuss the details of the recently-reached Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), itself pounded out over five years of intense negotiations.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Says CEOs Want a Way to Fast-track Goods Crossing Border

CBC News Nov 11, 2014

Penny Pritzker weighs need for more trade with border security concerns

Canada Joins Global Financial Powerhouses with Gain of Yuan Trading Hub

By John Shmuel, Financial Post Nov 11, 2014

An agreement to make Canada a trading hub for the renminbi shows China’s quest to make the currency a global reserve continues at full speed.

Canada, China Sign Currency Deal Aimed at Boosting Trade

CBC News Nov 11, 2014

Allows direct business between Canadian dollar and Chinese yuan, cutting exchange costs

Canada’s Farm Protections a Remaining Hurdle to Major Trade Deal: U.S.

By Alexander Panetta, Canadian Grocer Nov 11, 2014

Canada is apparently holding off on detailed negotiating position

Beyond The Border Action Plan News - October 2014

Government of Canada Nov 11, 2014

PM Announces Expansion of Trade Network in China

Office of the Prime Minister Nov 11, 2014

4 Reasons For Determining the Correct Harmonized Tariff Classification

ABC Customs Brokers Nov 06, 2014

Updates to the Voluntary Disclosure Program

Canada Border Services Agency Nov 04, 2014

This memorandum sets out the administrative guidelines under which the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) considers the waiver and/or cancellation of interest and/or penalties for which clients may be liable.

CIFFA Seeks National Intermodal Marine Transportation Strategy

Canadian Shipper Nov 04, 2014

The Canadian International Freight Forwarders’ Association (CIFFA) has written a letter to the federal Minister of Transport, Lisa Raitt, on the subject of Canada's Critical Intermodal Capabilities at Port Metro Vancouver.

China Customs Clarifies Requirements for Inbound/Outbound Transport and Manifest

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Nov 04, 2014

The General Administration of Customs of China has issued an announcement that clarifies the procedures it uses to supervise inbound and outbound cargo transportation and manifests.

European Commission Publishes the 2015 Version of the Combined Nomenclature

The European Commission Nov 04, 2014

The European Commission announced the publication of the 2015 version of the Combined Nomenclature (CN) for customs and tariff purposes.

American Tariffs: Fair Trade Once Again A Rallying Cry

By James Bovard, Nov 04, 2014

American Tariffs and Wars From the Revolution to the Depression

U.S. Blocks China Efforts to Promote Asia Trade Pact

By Bob Davis, The Wall Street Journal Nov 04, 2014

Tussle Involves Regional Influence, Billions of Dollars in Trade

Secretary Pritzker and Canadian Partners Discuss Increasing Investments on Both Sides of the Border

United States Department of Commerce Nov 04, 2014

During a two day trip to Ottawa and Toronto, Canada, Secretary Penny Pritzker met with Canadian Minister of Industry James Moore and Minister of International Trade Ed Fast to discuss U.S. – Canada trade relations and ways our countries can enhance commercial and economic competitiveness.  

New FDA Rules Could Lead to Rejected — and Wasted— Shipments

Journal of Commerce Nov 04, 2014

United States Wins WTO Trade Enforcement Dispute for American Farmers

High Plains Journals Nov 04, 2014

United States Trade Representative Michael Froman announced recently that the United States has won a major victory at the World Trade Organization (WTO) on behalf of U.S. farmers, including the U.S. poultry industry.

Canadian Cattle Producers to Benefit from Agreement with the U.S.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Nov 04, 2014

New agreement allowing in-vitro fertilized bovine embryos from the U.S. to cross the Canadian border will boost competitiveness of Canada's world-class bovine genetics and cattle

U.S. Recovery Set to Power Next Global Cycle, Immediate Boon for Canadian Companies: EDC

Export Development Canada Nov 04, 2014

A new global economic forecast by Export Development Canada (EDC) predicts that the momentum of the nascent U.S. recovery will be the key driver of the next global growth cycle.

Baird Discusses International Security with Secretary Kerry in Ottawa

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Nov 04, 2014

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today welcomed his U.S. counterpart, Secretary of State John Kerry, to Ottawa to commemorate the two Canadian soldiers killed in the attacks last week and to discuss further cooperation on a number of international issues.

Canada Gazette - Official Regulations

Canada Gazette Oct 30, 2014

The following was published on 22 October 2014 in Part II of the Canada Gazette.

Canada Gazette - Notices and Proposed Regulations

Canada Gazette Oct 30, 2014

The following was published on 18 October 2014 in Part I of the Canada Gazette.

4 Trade Incentives That May Delight Your Finance Team

By Maria Mate, Oct 30, 2014

China Signs Agreement with 20 Other Nations to Establish International Development Bank

By Bree Feng, The New York Times Oct 28, 2014

Deal Set on China-Led Infrastructure Bank

A New Type of US-Japan Trade Relationship

By David A. Parker, The Diplomat Oct 28, 2014

Secretary of Commerce Pritzker’s trade mission to Japan this week underscores the progress made in recent years.

Secretary Pritzker Meets with Korean Leaders to Expand Trade and Grow Economic Partnerships

United States Department of Commerce Oct 28, 2014

Earlier this week, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker met with President of Korea Park Geun-hye, the first female President in South Korea, as well as Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE) Yoon Sang-jick, and Minister for Health and Welfare, Moon Hyung-pyo.

Port Squeeze Threatens U.S. Retailers' Holiday Stocking Plans

By Nandita Bose and Lisa Baertlein, Reuters Oct 28, 2014

A shortage of transportation equipment and possible labor disruptions at the Los Angeles/Long Beach port complex, the nation's busiest, is delaying shipping containers for up to three weeks, threatening timely delivery to retailers for the holiday season.

Playing Ball With China

By Peter Hall , Huffington Post Oct 28, 2014

If you build it, he will come. In this case, "it" is not a baseball diamond, but a renminbi (RMB) hub, and "he" is not Shoeless Joe Jackson, but rather a business community eager to trade and invest in RMB.

Canada Threatens Tariffs on American Wine, Orange Juice and Ketchup in Meat Labelling Dispute

Financial Post Oct 28, 2014

The United States faces potential trade sanctions from Canada and Mexico after the World Trade Organization ruled on Monday it had failed to bring its meat labelling regulations fully in line with international fair trading rules.

Canada Not the Big Winner in European Trade Deal

By Gerald Caplan , The Globe and Mail Oct 28, 2014

Not all the news these days is bad. Last month, Prime Minister Harper and European Union officials were in Ottawa to celebrate a much ballyhooed “free trade” deal between Canada and the EU, called the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Tribunal Issues Report on the Impact of Canadian Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Measures

Government of Canada Oct 28, 2014

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal issued a report highlighting the impact of Canadian anti-dumping and countervailing measures on domestic shipments, investments, employment and imports from 1989 to 2013.

Statement by Canada and Mexico on U.S. Country of Origin Labelling

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Oct 28, 2014

The Danger in Altering Phytosanitary Certificates

ABC Customs Brokers Oct 23, 2014

It has come to the attention of the customs brokerage community that there has been an increased occurrence of alterations being made to Phytosanitary Certificates by persons unknown. Specifically, these alterations are in the form of invalid “Shipper’s Original” stamps being affixed to the certificates. As outlined below, modifying documents in this manner is a very serious offense with staggering repercussions.

CBSA eManifest Roundup

BCTA Oct 22, 2014

Ambassador Optimistic on China-Canada Relations

China Daily Oct 21, 2014

Expanding U.S.-China Commercial Relations Remains a Top Priority

United States Department of Commerce Oct 21, 2014

The U.S.-China commercial relationship remains one of great success and growing potential, despite continuing challenges.

Cuba Wants End to U.S. Trade Embargo

Jamaica Observer Oct 21, 2014

Cuba says it will present a resolution to the United Nations calling for an end to the decades old trade and economic embargo by the United States, a senior Cuban diplomat has said here.

U.S., Mexico Customs Deal Aims to Ease Cross-border Trade

Journal of Commerce Oct 21, 2014

New Lacey Act Working Group Aims to Foster APHIS Participation in ACE/ITDS

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Oct 21, 2014

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is inviting importers, customs brokers and software developers to participate in a new Lacey Act Working Group that will address the technical requirements necessary for the Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to participate in the Automated Commercial Environment and International Trade Data System.

Baird Visits Ireland to Discuss Bilateral and Global Issues

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Oct 21, 2014

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today concluded his bilateral visit to Ireland.

The Governments of Canada and British Columbia Announce Funding for a Key Component of the Asia-Pacific Gateway

Transport Canada Oct 21, 2014

Construction of the Philip Avenue Overpass in the North Shore Trade Area

Canada Files WTO Complaint About Chinese Wood Pulp Duties

CBC News Oct 21, 2014

Canada has made a formal complaint to the World Trade Organization over China imposing what Ottawa says are unfair duties on Canadian companies that ship a certain type of wood pulp there.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Joins Call for Yuan Trading Hub to Help Increase Exports to China

By Melissa Leong, Financial Post Oct 21, 2014

Canada could generate up to $32-billion more in exports over the next 10 years if it creates a yuan trading hub to do business in the world’s fastest growing currency, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce said in a new report.

Memorandum D17-1-21: Maintenance of Records in Canada by Importers

Canada Border Services Agency Oct 21, 2014

Memorandum D17-1-21

WTO Rules Against U.S. Meat Labelling Laws

Oct 21, 2014

Pork and beef industries hurt by laws that demand country of origin label for each animal