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Canada Customs Invoice: 7 Mandatory Fields

ABC Customs Brokers Mar 26, 2015

10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Customs Broker

ABC Customs Brokers Mar 26, 2015

Whether your company has just entered into the world of international trade, or you are already there and are assessing your options regarding your service providers, you will inevitably have to make some decisions regarding your customs brokerage services. Although this would seem like a fairly simple decision, not all customs brokers provide the same services and they can play a key role in the long term success of your company.

Toronto Becomes First Renminbi Trading Hub in North America

By Pete Evans, CBC News Mar 24, 2015

Direct exchange hub could smooth way for businessess doing deals in China

U.S.-Mexico Sugar Pact Gets U.S. Trade Commission Okay

By Chris Prentice , Reuters Mar 24, 2015

Agreement suspended duties on imports of sugar from Mexico

Germany Pledges to Stand Firm in US-EU TTIP Trade Talks

Deutsche Welle Mar 24, 2015

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel has pledged to prevent any clauses in a US-EU trade deal that go against the ideals of his party, the Social Democrats - including protection clauses called for by the US.

Stronger Export Enforcement Efforts are Facilitating Trade, Official Says

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Mar 24, 2015

Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Enforcement David Mills recently gave an update on the Bureau of Industry and Security’s export enforcement efforts amid the ongoing Export Control Reform initiative.

U.S. Trade Officials to Review Canadian Paper Imports

Reuters Mar 24, 2015

U.S. trade officials will investigate a complaint that imports of Canadian paper benefit from unfair government subsidies, the Department of Commerce said on Thursday, a move which could end in import duties.

Philippines, Canada Set Exchange of Trade, Invest Missions

By Louella D. Desiderio, The Philippine Star Mar 24, 2015

In a joint statement, Canada’s Minister of International Trade Ed Fast and Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo said they met in Manila last Friday “to discuss the potential for enhanced bilateral trade and investment relations between our two countries.”

PM Announces Support to Open New Markets for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

The Office of the Prime Minister Mar 24, 2015

Ambassador Heyman Says U.S.-Canada Relations Are Complex, But 'Pretty Good'

By Ian Bailey, The Globe and Mail Mar 24, 2015

U.S. Ambassador Bruce Heyman says “challenges” are inevitable in the complex Canada-United States relationship, but is playing down suggestions of a chill showing up in his troubled first year as envoy in Canada as reported by The Globe and Mail.

Implementation of CFIA Horticulture Plant List

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Mar 23, 2015

Why Obama’s Key Trade Deal with Asia Would Actually Be Good for American Workers

By David Autor, David Dorn and Gordon H. Hanson, Washington Post Mar 17, 2015

FTA Boosts Trade with U.S.

Korea JoongAng Daily Mar 17, 2015

Korea’s market share has grown even at a time of weak yen

[India] Ease of Doing Business: Only 3 Documents Needed for Imports, Exports

The Economic Times Mar 17, 2015

As part of efforts to improve its ranking on 'Ease of Doing Business', India today reduced the number of mandatory documents required for import and export of goods to three in each case.

Analysts Say Difficult to Tell if Canada’s Sanctions on Russia Having Impact

By Chris Plecash, Embassy Mar 17, 2015

Observers say Canadian companies face compliance costs given legal situation.

Statement by the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance on Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks

Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance Mar 17, 2015

On news that Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) chief negotiators will meet March 9–15, Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) President Lisa Skierka today issued the following statement on the status of the TPP trade talks.

Canada Faces Tough Choices in Pacific Trade Talks

Reuters Mar 17, 2015

Canada faces difficult choices in talks on a proposed 12-country Pacific trade pact and is doing its best to protect national interests, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Thursday.

Canada Ramps Up Focus on Southeast Asian Trade

By Chuck Chiang, Vancouver Sun Mar 17, 2015

It is no coincidence that Southeast Asia has appeared more prominently in Canada's economic consciousness recently.

New Border Deal: Canada Customs Agents Could Work in U.S., Vice Versa

Alexander Panetta Mar 17, 2015

New deal needs legal, budgetary approval before being implemented

How Your Small Business Can Benefit from a Customs Broker

Mar 12, 2015

A common misconception held by new businesses or ones that are bootstrapped for cash is that only big or established businesses doing a $5M+ in revenue could benefit from the cost savings that a customs broker can help coordinate.

Imported Chinese Solar Panels to be Subject to Stiff Duties in Canada

By Richard Blackwell, The Globe and Mail Mar 10, 2015

The Canada Border Services Agency has ruled that cheap subsidized Chinese solar modules are being dumped into Canada, and is imposing stiff provisional import duties to protect Canadian manufacturers.

‘Transparency Needed to De-mystify EU-US Trade Agreement’ – Economy Minister

By Tim Diacono , Malta Today Mar 10, 2015

Chamber of Commerce President says TTIP agreement will add 0.5% to GDP growth annually in EU and create 1.3 million jobs in the EU over the next 10 years

Producers Brace for End of Long Truce in U.S.-Canada Lumber Wars

By Barrie McKenna, The Globe and Mail Mar 10, 2015

Canada’s lumber producers should be a happy lot. The U.S. housing market is coming back, exports are rising and the Canadian dollar is cheap.

China Agrees to Provide 10-year Visas to Canadians

By Nathan Vanderklippe, The Globe and Mail Mar 10, 2015

The Canadian business community has pushed Ottawa to launch free-trade talks with Beijing.

What You Need to Know to Get Your FDA Regulated Product Across the Border

By Aimee Miller, Mar 05, 2015

March 19: Breakfast with U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman

The American Chamber of Commerce – Pacific Chapter Mar 05, 2015

The American Chamber of Commerce – Pacific Chapter is proudly hosting the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman for a breakfast event on March 19, 2015.

Japanese Negotiator Says Trade Deal with the U.S. Possible by Spring

Cape Breton Post Mar 04, 2015

A deal between Japan and the U.S. needed to move ahead with a Pacific Rim trade pact is possible by this spring, a top Japanese trade negotiator said Tuesday.

Pro-COOL U.S. Farm Groups Seeking to Capitalize on Canada's Latest BSE Case

By Amanda Stephenson, Calgary Herald Mar 04, 2015

A handful of U.S. farm groups are trying to use Canada’s newest BSE case to prop up arguments in favour of mandatory country-of-origin labelling, or COOL.

Customs Operations Would be Slowed if DHS Appropriations Bill Fails

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Mar 04, 2015

New $2.1 Billion Detroit-Windsor Bridge Promises Boon to U.S. Trade

By Eric Pianin, The Fiscal Times Mar 04, 2015

Amid the gloom over the partisan deadlock in Washington over an infrastructure program and the Keystone XL pipeline, the U.S. and Canadian governments have quietly cut a deal on a new $2.1 billion bridge linking Detroit and Ontario designed to eliminate a massive bottleneck in the flow of goods between the two countries.

Brazil’s Ambassador to Canada Calls for Greater Trade Between Two Natural Resource Giants

By Simon Rees, Mining Weekly Mar 04, 2015

Brazil sought to boost the level of bilateral trade with Canada, particularly in the sphere of mining, the country’s ambassador to Canada Pedro Fernando Brêtas Bastos told audience members at the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce mining breakfast on Monday.

Industry Celebrates Passage of Act that Will Modernize Canadian Agriculture

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Mar 04, 2015

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced today that the Agricultural Growth Act (Bill C-18) received Royal Assent. The Agricultural Growth Act will modernize Canadian agriculture and increase trade opportunities for farmers.

Canadian Consumers Already Benefiting from Korean Trade Deal

By Patrick Gervais , Law Times Mar 04, 2015

Canadian consumers are already benefiting from the Canada-South Korea free-trade agreement that came into force on Jan. 1.

Alberta Beef Producers Concerned as More Countries Restrict Canadian Beef Imports Due to BSE

Global News Mar 04, 2015

Canada-U.S. Relations 'May Never Be the Same': Allan Gotlieb

By Alexander Panetta, Toronto Star Mar 04, 2015

Diplomatic chill: Former Canadian ambassador to Washington Allan Gotlieb blames Obama, says he’s never seen such coolness between Canada, United States

Wood Packaging Material: Heat Treatment Requirements Anticipated this Year

Canadian Trucking Alliance Mar 04, 2015

7 Excellent Reasons to Invest in Trade Compliance Education

ABC Customs Brokers Feb 26, 2015

Today’s business climate is fast paced. Time is limited and precious, and there is always a long list of tasks to accomplish. So why would you take valuable time out of your busy schedule to attend a trade compliance seminar or workshop?

How Important is Foreign Trade to the U.S. and Canada?

By Alex Carrick , Daily Commercial News Feb 24, 2015

Since much of the economic focus this year will be on oil prices and currency shifts, this Economy at a Glance presents several tables that provide background on U.S. and Canadian foreign trade.

Trans-Pacific Partnership to Increase U.S. Exports by $123Bln - U.S. Trade Rep

Sputnik Feb 24, 2015

US Trade Representative said that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement will help the United States grow its exports by more than $123 billion by 2025 and provide American workers with greater number of high-earning opportunities.

WTO Appellate Body Begins Hearings on U.S. Compliance in COOL Dispute

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development Feb 24, 2015

The dispute on the US’ country-of-origin labelling (COOL) policy for livestock and meat products returned to the WTO this week, with the launch of Appellate Body hearings to review if Washington’s revisions to the measure are enough to comply with WTO rules.

U.S., Canada Reach Key Funding Deal for Detroit-Windsor Bridge

By David N. Goodman, ABC News Feb 24, 2015

The Obama administration and Canada have agreed on financing a key piece of a planned $2.1 billion bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, the two governments announced Wednesday.

More Than 1.5 Million Europeans Don't Want Canada-EU Trade Deal Ratified

By Brent Patterson, Rabble Feb 24, 2015

The Council of Canadians congratulates our European allies for collecting 1.5 million signatures of Europeans who want "the institutions of the European Union and its member states to stop the negotiations with the USA on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and not to ratify the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada."

Canada Gazette - Notices and Proposed Regulations

Canada Gazette Feb 17, 2015

The following was published on 14 February 2015 in Part I of the Canada Gazette

India to Boost Trade Ties with U.S., Commits to Adopt FATCA Soon

The Economic Times Feb 17, 2015

Committing to boost trade ties, India and the US today resolved to enhance cooperation, remove obstacles to investment flows and work towards early adoption of FATCA to facilitate automatic flow of tax information.

US Appeals to Japanese Business to Help Push for Trade Pact

By Elaine Kurtenbach, ABC News Feb 17, 2015

Japan and the U.S. are moving closer to reaching agreement on market opening measures needed to conclude a Pacific Rim trade pact, a top U.S. envoy said Friday, urging Japanese business leaders to help bridge the last, difficult disagreements.

Maybe the Obama Admin is Right About Free Trade After All

By Chris Matthews, Fortune Feb 17, 2015

A new study shows that most new free trade agreements have actually cut the trade deficit.

CBP Needs Better Data on Disposition of High-Risk Imports, GAO Says

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Feb 17, 2015

A recent report from the Government Accountability Office states that U.S. Customs and Border Protection needs better information on the disposition of import shipments deemed to be high-risk.

State Department Posts List of Cuban Goods and Services Eligible for Importation into the US

U.S. Department of State Feb 17, 2015

On February 13, 2015, the State Department Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs posted on its website a list of goods and services produced by independent Cuban entrepreneurs that are eligible for importation into the United States pursuant to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations 31 C.F.R. § 515.582. 

Lag in Updating FTA Rules of Origin Not Reason to Deny Preferential Treatment, CBP Says

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report Feb 17, 2015

U.S. Customs is proposing to modify a ruling to indicate that a delay in updating the tariff numbers in a free trade agreement’s rules of origin is not by itself sufficient reason to deny preferential tariff treatment under the FTA for qualifying goods.

Drink While Ye May: Feds Threaten California Wine Imports as U.S.- Canada Labelling Dispute Heats Up

By Debora Van Brenk, Toronto Sun Feb 17, 2015

Canada's agriculture minister is threatening tariffs on California wine if the U.S. doesn't repeal restrictive meat-labelling laws costing our farmers billions.

Port Metro Vancouver Reports Record Year for Cargo

By Julia Kuzeljevich , Canadian Shipper Feb 17, 2015

Port Metro Vancouver has released its 2014 year-end statistics, showing its second consecutive year of record-breaking cargo volumes.

Forest Industry Welcomes Trade Action Against China

Forest Products Association of Canada Feb 17, 2015

The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) applauds the federal government for pursuing trade action against China at the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding duties on Canadian dissolving pulp.

South Korea Bans Canadian Beef Exports in Light of BSE

By Kelsey Johnson , iPolitics Feb 17, 2015

South Korea says it’s banning imports of Canadian beef after a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or “mad cow disease,” was found on a northern Alberta farm earlier this week, despite reassurances from Canada’s agriculture minister the case would not impact Canadian beef trade.

To Cross-border Trade – and Beyond

By Bruce Heyman , The Globe and Mail Feb 17, 2015

This week, I will send letters to the governors of all 50 U.S. states urging them to visit Canada to explore new opportunities for expanding what is already the world’s largest and most comprehensive bilateral trade and investment relationship.

NAFTA Certificate of Origin: Top 5 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

ABC Customs Brokers Feb 12, 2015

West Coast Congestion Impacting Canadian Trade, Says Association

By Julia Kuzeljevich, Canadian Shipper Feb 10, 2015

U.S. Exports Hit Record High for the Fifth Straight Year

By Secretary Penny Pritzker, United States Department of Commerce Feb 10, 2015

Trade Agreements Will Help Accelerate Economic Growth

Canada Ends 2014 with Double-Digit Export Growth and Trade Surplus

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Feb 10, 2015

For the first time, Canada’s two-way trade surpassed $1 trillion, at nearly $1.1 trillion

Canadian Lumber Industry to Benefit from Agreement with Mexico

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Feb 10, 2015

Mexico recognizes Canada's heat treated wood

Mexico Says Pacific Free Trade Deal Feasible by Mid- March

By Dave Graham, Reuters Feb 10, 2015

A deal on a 12-nation Asia-Pacific trade pact could be concluded in mid-March, Mexico's economy minister, Ildefonso Guajardo, said on Thursday.

EU, US Agree to 'Full Throttle' Free Trade Talks

By Ignacio Garcia Bercero, The Economic Times Feb 10, 2015

The United States and European Union agreed on Friday to work "full throttle" to secure the world's biggest-ever free trade deal despite growing scepticism on both sides of the Atlantic.

Lawmaker Says Japan, Canada Must Cut Tariffs Under Trade Pact

By Krista Hughes;, Reuters Feb 10, 2015

Explore New Foreign Markets, Trade Minister Tells Shy Canadian Companies

By Andy Blatchford, CTV News Feb 10, 2015

The Canadian government faces a new hurdle as it shifts from negotiating free trade deals to implementing them: companies that are overly cautious about courting new business overseas.

Canadian Trade Minister Visits Seoul

The Korea Times Feb 10, 2015

‘Interesting Cocktails’ with Jonathan Whitworth from Seaspan

Feb 05, 2015

How Seaspan Implemented a $170M Capital Expansion Project On Time and Under Budget

Join AmCham Canada – Pacific Chapter for their upcoming event with an inspiring guest speaker, and a chance to network with like-minded business professionals.

Kicking Off Next Week: Trade Compliance Education Program 2015 Spring Season

ABC Customs Brokers Feb 04, 2015

Coming from a successful 2014 trade compliance education season, ABC Customs Brokers is excited to announce another season chock-full of seminars and workshops.

International Freight Transport to Quadruple by 2050

By Julia Kuzeljevich, Canadian Shipper Feb 03, 2015

The ITF Transport Outlook 2015 was released at a media briefing in Paris today. It presents long-term projections for future demand of passenger as well as freight transport and this year focuses on two key messages: shifting trade patterns increase transport distances by 12%, and the North Pacific surpasses the North Atlantic as a main trading route.

CN Expects Continued US West Coast Diversion Gains

Journal of Commerce Feb 03, 2015

Canadian National Railway expects intermodal to stay strong as shippers frustrated with U.S. West Coast port congestion push U.S-bound loads through Canadian ports and onto its network running through Chicago and down to New Orleans.

CBP Needs to Enhance Its Guidance and Oversight of High-Risk Maritime Cargo Shipments

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Feb 03, 2015

The U.S. economy is dependent on a secure global supply chain.

CBSA New Seizure Policy for Significant Undervaluation of Commercial Goods in the Courier LVS Program

Canada Border Services Agency Feb 03, 2015

Customs Notice 15-002

Canadian Shippers See Sailing Reliability Suffer As West Coast Congestion Ripples North

By Mark Szakonyi, Journal of Commerce Feb 03, 2015

Pharmaceuticals, Health and Chemicals Center of Excellence and Expertise (PHC Center)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Feb 03, 2015

On January 15, 2014, CSMS Message Number 14-000033 was issued to provide notice of the ten team codes assigned to each of the ten Centers of Excellence and Expertise (Centers).

A First Look At Importing Wooden Décor into Canada

ABC Customs Brokers Jan 29, 2015

When importing goods that fall under tariff items 4420.10, 4420.90, 4421.90 or 9505.10 such as statuettes, other ornaments of wood and articles for Christmas festivities containing wooden components, the following information is required to ensure admissibility under Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) import requirements.

New CBSA Transfer Pricing Policy Creates Opportunities and Obligations for Importers

By John W. Boscariol and Robert A Glasgow, McCarthy Tétrault LLP. Jan 27, 2015

Transfer pricing has been a favorite Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) enforcement target for some time now.

HS Nomenclature 2017 Edition

World Customs Organization Jan 27, 2015

The WCO has published the accepted amendments to the Harmonized System (HS) Nomenclature that will enter into force on 1 January 2017.

Japan Exports Grow Most in Year, Signaling Steady Recovery from Recession

By Tetsushi Kajimoto, Reuters Jan 27, 2015

Japan's exports grew the most in a year in December, helped by a weak yen and a pick-up in overseas demand led by the United States, an encouraging sign for the recession-hit economy even as doubts persist about the strength of global consumption.

U.S., Europe Threaten New Sanctions Against Moscow

By Gregory L. White and Laurence Norman, Wall Street Journal Jan 27, 2015

U.S. and European leaders threatened new sanctions against Moscow after a missile attack blamed on pro-Russian separatists killed 30 civilians in the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, the latest escalation in violence that has brought Kiev’s fight with rebels back toward full-scale war.

Retail Concerns Grows As Port Dispute Continues

By Connor D. Wolf, Daily Caller Jan 27, 2015

Retailers have become increasingly alarmed as the West Coast port dispute becomes more hostile.

Ed Fast Talks Free Trade in Kyiv as Fighting Intensifies in Eastern Ukraine

CBC News Jan 27, 2015

International Trade Minister Ed Fast arrived in Kyiv on Sunday for two days of meetings as fighting intensifies between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in the east of the embattled country.